Thursday, May 29, 2008

A King of the House of David

Since I am a Jewish monarchist, I have just added links to sites relating to the Davidic dynasty and Jewish theology as it relates to monarchy to my sidebar.

There are three main reasons that I hope that someday Israel will revive its monarchy. Firstly, the Tanach (the Old Testament) makes it abundantly clear that this is God's intention. Secondly, my studies have convinced me that monarchy is the best possible form of government.

The third reason is specific to Israel. Its role is to give our long-suffering people a homeland, a place to flee to when we are persecuted. In its present democratic form, Israeli Arabs are allowed to vote in Israeli elections - to help choose who the government will be. At this moment, the majority of Israelis are Jewish, but borders and populations and fertility rates shift constantly. It is not impossible that at some point in the future, Arabs could be a statistical majority in Israel, or close to it. If that happened, the political power would be theirs. Israel would then cease to be a Jewish state, would in fact cease to exist.

If Israel were a monarchy, this worry could be laid to rest. The monarch would always be a Jew, always be of the line of David, hence the nation would remain Jewish.

I have to say that the prospects for a kingdom in Israel anytime soon do not look good. Even aside from the contemporary anti-monarchist sentiment, we are a stiff-necked people. I once heard a Jewish lecturer recite an old joke: "Ask two Jews, get three opinions." A man in the audience stood up and corrected, "No, no, it's ask three Jews, get four opinions." We cannot agree on anything. Getting a majority of Jews to agree to return to monarchy - and then, to get us all to agree on a particular sovereign - would make herding cats look simple.

Still I have hope that in time, we shall heed the words of Theodore Herzl, founder of modern Zionism: “Democracy is a scientific nonsense acceptable only by the masses in moments of revolutionary excitement.”

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