Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Swan

The Queen Apologizes for Naughty Swan Attack

A six-year-old who was bitten by a swan in a Cornwall park has received a letter of apology from the Queen of England after informing the monarch that her swans had been “naughty.”

Elishia Stevenson wrote a note to the Queen after being informed by her mother that all swans in Britain belong to the Monarch. Elishia included a picture of the naughty swan to ease in its identification.

Last week the six-year-old received a reply in which the Queen informed the upset victim that she was “sorry to hear about the swan.”

Yeah, Her Majesty oughta make her swans behave better.

The comments insist that "some staff member" actually wrote the letter and demand to know when the Queen is going to apologize for killing Diana. *rolls eyes* There was one good comment, though, probably from someone as sympathetic as myself to the latter charge: "She ordered that swan to attack the girl and I know it."

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