Sunday, June 29, 2008

100th Post: Housekeeping

I expected this to be a sleepy blog to which I posted a couple of times a month. The chief reason I started it was so that I would have a showcase for the various monarchist resources in my sidebar.

I'm posting more than that partly because I found that monarchists tend to share other things with me too, such as a generally traditionalist attitude. I didn't realize this immediately. People who believe that monarchy is the best form of government tend also to take a dim view of modern indoctrinationeducation, today's permissive mores, the mania for changing any tradition just for the sake of change, and the contemporary glorification of ugliness. Monarchists also tend to share other beliefs with me, such as that Woodrow Wilson was the worst president ever, that Lincoln wasn't a particularly good one either, and that most of the problems today's elected politicians are grappling with so ineffectually wouldn't have become problems in the first place with a hereditary monarch in charge.

Since this blog is more active than I originally intended, I decided I had better fill out a profile. I decided to use my Hebrew name, so when you start seeing comments from "Moshea bat Abraham", that's me. (I wanted to post my birthday according to the Jewish calendar, but the site wouldn't let me.) The photo is of Japanese actress Makoto Tsubasa of the Takarazuka Revue. As my interests show, my tastes are as outdated as my beliefs.

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