Saturday, June 7, 2008

Abdication of Responsibility

One of my guilty pleasures this winter was reading the amusing Someday My Prince Will Come by the silly but charming Jerramy Fine. It was there that I learned that the royal she set her sights on, Peter Phillips, grandson of Her Majesty, did not have a title because his descent is through the female line. The Queen apparently offered to grant him a courtesy title, but his mother declined the offer to spare him the pressures of life with a title.

Right now I'm watching Forbes Top 20 Young Royals. I'm not an avid royal watcher; to be one in this day and age, one has to be able to learn that a Swazi princess is a rapper without distress. Still, if one is keeping abreast of news concerning the world's remaining monarchies, skimming over fluff articles about how Prince Someone is dating a pop singer is unavoidable.

The show mentions that Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, along with Peter Phillips' sister Zara and a few others, was not given a title because her mother wanted her to be free of the "burden" of living with and up to it.

My visceral reaction was disapproval. If anything, young people today are desperately in need of things to live up to and of pressures. Moreover, the world needs its royals, today in this egalitarian age more than ever.

Like Louis-Philippe I of France, the "Citizen King", attempts to pretend that one is ordinary when one is not fool no one, they only cheapen the concept of high standards. Depriving a royal child of his rightful title is an evasion of responsibility.

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