Friday, June 27, 2008

Her name is Catherine

Kate Middleton says call me Catherine

To the public she is more usually known as Kate. But amid mounting speculation that she is poised to join the ranks of the Royal Family, Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton is said to have let it be known that she prefers the more formal sounding “Catherine”.

Her full name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton and the 26-year-old has always been known by the more official form by close friends and family.

'Call me Catherine', says Kate Middleton as proposal rumours hit fever pitch

The royal girlfriend has apparently asked that everyone call her Catherine, a name with a much more formal ring and a queenly history.

Some say that Miss Middleton, 26, is trying to give herself a more formal image, befitting a young woman who could one day be married to a king.

But others point out that she has never been called Kate in private - not by her family, friends, schoolmates or university pals.

The press has been rather snotty about Miss Middleton's requests to be called by her name. Though in the nickname department, she has certainly been more fortunate than Sarah Ferguson.

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MandysRoyalty said...

She can be called whatever she wants to be called. It's her name, after all! Were I to marry a future king, I don't think Princess Mandy would sound right. Queen Mandy? Don't think so! Although I like Mandy better, I would prefer to be called by my full name 'Amanda' in that case. Miss Middleton seems to be of that mindset too.

Some Royals do not mind, as in the case of Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Her subjects fondly refer to her as "Queen Daisy".