Thursday, June 12, 2008

A hoopskirt movie I will skip.

One of my criteria for seeing a movie is, do the female characters wear hoopskirts? If they do, I'll probably watch it. (I will also watch movies for the sake of fedoras, classic jazz, mermaids, or Grace Kelly.)

I will not, however, be wasting any time on The Duchess beyond the two minutes I spent watching the preview. The morbidly curious amongst you can view it here. Keira Knightley is reason enough to avoid a movie, but this movie is based on the novel Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman.

Georgiana was a friend of Marie Antoinette's. She used drugs, drank to excess, squandered her considerable fortune, mounted up gambling debts of the equivalent of $6 million in today's money, made little effort to hide her many adulterous affairs (one of which resulted in an illegitimate child), suffered from eating disorders centuries before they became fashionable, and promoted progressive political causes.

She also happens to be related to the late Princess Diana; apparently not a direct ancestress, but a Spencer nonetheless. The preview makes sure we don't miss the point by opening with a photo of Diana before going back to the 18th century, where we see a beautiful woman being forced into an arranged marriage to a cold, distant, philandering man. I know, the parallel is terribly subtle, isn't it?

I won't watch the movie, but I can't help but be annoyed at the very thought of all this rubbish being stuffed into the heads of moviegoers who probably, like me, just want to see hoopskirts.

Hat tip World of Royalty's Cinderella, who seems far more favorably disposed towards this movie than I.


Cinderella said...

I think the trailer makes the movie look a little tedious, but I liked the Amanda Foreman biography. I like Keira Knightley, too. So I'll probably end up watching the movie. Because, as you said, at least it will have hoop skirts.

Cinderella of World of Royalty

American Monarchist said...

Do let us know how it is, Cinderella. If you give it a rave, I might go to it after all. Or at least catch it on DVD.