Tuesday, June 24, 2008

King of the Isle of Man

American claims to be King of the Isle of Man

A SELF-styled monarch is causing a right royal stir – after crowning himself King of the Isle of Man.

American David Drew Howe posted a notice in the London Gazette in January this year claiming legal right to the Manx crown.

When the newspaper notice went unchallenged, he crowned himself 'undisputed' King.

The pretender's website.

EDIT: It seems the people of Man are unimpressed. Here is a petition to keep him away. Here is a page about the various inconsistencies in his statements. It seems he has been cheating at Wikipedia to get his own name onto the page about the Isle of Man. (I just checked it, and as of this moment he is not mentioned.) He has admited his "enquirer" is "entirely ego driven". (I believe His Majesty meant "inquiry".)

But on at least one occasion, he has behaved in a properly royal fashion, when he used his admittedly small claim to fame for charitable purposes: King of Mann Asks Friends and Celebrities to Help with AIDS Charity. I get the impression he's a rather silly person, but even silly people can have noble impulses.

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