Sunday, June 29, 2008

The mess in Nepal continues.

NC youths demand YCL’s paramilitary structure dissolved

POKHARA, June 28 - Nepali Congress affiliated Tarun Dal Saturday demanded immediate dissolution of the paramilitary structure of the Young Communist Leaguse (YCL), the youth wing of the CPN-Maoist.

The Tarun Dal has also expressed commitment to take the seven preconditions for joining the next Maoist-led government put forth by the parent party, the NC, to the local level.

The NC youth wing has further warned to carryout a shutdown across the country if the preconditions are not met.

The western region gathering of the Tarun Dal concluded in Pokhara today ratified the decision taken by the gathering held in the capital.

Addressing the gathering’s concluding programme in Pokhara, NC central member Bal Krishna Khand said monarchy was the obstacle to republic implementation in the country, and now the CPN-Maoist’s authoritarian ideology is the hurdle for federal democratic republic Nepal.

Mentioning more problems still lay ahead to institutionalise democracy, he called on the Tarun Dal to be ready to sacrifice if the situation demands so.

During the programme, Tarun Dal chairman Mahendra Yadav said although the Dal’s struggle for “No Monarchy” has ended the struggle for “No Communism” is still left.

Communist leaders can never be democratic, he further opined.

The decision taken by the Tarun Dal’s gathering conducted in all the five development regions will be taken to the Constituent Assembly sitting.

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