Sunday, June 1, 2008

Monarchy and Stability

Thailand May Use Force to End Protest, Samak Says

The army cannot rule out another coup, which would be the 19th since the nation's absolute monarchy ended in 1932, Supreme Military Commander Boonsrang Niumpradi said May 29.

The PAD claims Samak is a proxy for Thaksin, who pledged to stay out of politics following his overthrow. Samak's People's Power Party, which won a national election in December, includes politicians from Thaksin's now-dissolved Thai Rak Thai Party.

``My government is not a puppet government,'' Samak said. ``We are a government serving the King.''

The 80-year-old monarch is revered as a symbol of stability in the nation of 66 million people, many of whom have his portrait in their homes.

Well, they're trying. And I don't imagine that I know the solutions to Thailand's problems when I know nothing about Thailand. But 18 coups since the king was made ornamental is not a good sign.

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