Monday, June 2, 2008

Nepal and Tonga

The Count Robert Décsey von Deés has linked two very interesting articles today:

Nepal parties fight for power in new republic

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Nepal's leading political parties were locked in a power struggle on Monday as celebrations of the end of the monarchy and the dawn of the world's newest republic ebbed.

Already it starts.

End of Nepalese Monarchy is warning for Tonga’s Royal Family

Yes, all the world's royals must step carefully in this day and age, not to give small-r republicans any excuse, lest their nations be abandoned to politicians. It's funny, the nature of politicians is universally recognized to be contemptible, and jokes about "politicians" in general are told casually and constantly, transcending partisan affiliation, and yet it never occurs to anyone except libertarians and monarchists that perhaps we should not subject ourselves to them. But point to one less-than-perfect monarch, and people take this as "proof" that monarchy is bad.

History leaves little doubt that a return to monarchy in time is inevitable. What worries me is the havoc likely to be wreaked on humanity over the next century before we return to the natural form of government.

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