Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things are going as expected in Nepal

Nepal Maoists quit government over power sharing

KATHMANDU (AFP) — Nepal's Maoists stormed out of the government Friday, accusing a rival party of holding on to power after being defeated in landmark polls.

Maoists quit Nepal government, demand PM's resignation

KATHMANDU (AFP) — Nepal was thrown into political limbo on Saturday after the Maoists quit the interim government of the newly republican nation and demanded the prime minister's resignation.

Nepal's former Maoist rebels stormed out of the government late on Friday, accusing a rival party of clinging to power despite being defeated in landmark elections in the Himalayan country two months ago.

Nepalese cabinet crisis deepens

Nepalese PM Girija Prasad Koirala is struggling to keep his administration together after Maoist ministers said they were resigning from the cabinet.

Bitter disagreements among politicians mean that more than three weeks after the abolition of the monarchy, the country still has no head of state.

Nepal: the world's newest republic

Monarchists still cling to the hope that if Gyanendra's reputation is repaired, and if the next government fails as most Nepali governments do, some kind of royal revival might one day be possible. After all, abolishing an institution with such deep roots - Nepal was forged in war by the king's ancestors 239 years ago - is no small matter.

Ousted Nepal king slapped with law suit

Pokhrel is challenging the decision by the government this month to allow the dethroned king and his wife to move into an inferior but still a former palace on the outskirts of the capital from the Narayanhity royal palace.

Nepal: The Royal Massacre & the Mystery Unfolding

“Monarchy is over in Nepal”. The same title is being used in fashionable ways by many media in this world. The biggest stake holder and the director of Nepal’s devastation is Nepal’s closest neighbor, India. Even though the intellectuals are familiar with this direction, I would like to show why the world remains anonymous of the India’s sponsorship of terrorism in Nepal. Quite surprisingly, the actors have created a huge mass of junior actors in the hope to make them a lead actor one day. Let’s trace back when the director thought to direct this inhuman movie that might not leave the director an option of bankruptcy if the truth is exposed.

As known to the world, Nepal was a Kingdom and the most peaceful country in this chaotic earth.

But hey, at least they don't have monarchy anymore!

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