Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monarchical links

Tonga’s reforms should be in royal time

While rumours fan out across the Pacific that pro-democracy supporters plan to disrupt the forthcoming coronation of Tonga’s King George next month, we hope any basis these rumous may have are already scotched, and any plans they intend to realize, are aborted. The pro-democracy movement in Tonga has already done enough damage to Tonga’s social fabric of late. Democracy is good for Fiji, but not necessarily good for Tonga. Not if a one-size-fits-all template is contemplated and not if it is simply a means of change for change’s sake.

Democracy is good for Fiji because of the multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural character of our history and national composition. Democracy here allows those outside of our traditional indigenous hierarchical system a chance to improve their respective lots without succumbing to it. Without democracy, the indigenous system would put everyone at the mercy of chiefly blood. That’s OK if you’re a chief, but what if you’re not? What chances have you of rising to the top like cream in a bottle if you have no ‘ratu’ or ‘adi’ or similar entitlement in your ancestral CV?

Of course, monarchy is actually beneficial to diverse nations as well, because a monarch represents all of his people, not just the party that elected him or the lobbies that funded his campaign, etc. Nonetheless, the editorial makes excellent points.


THE Royal Black Institution is a wonderful organisation in a position to give a lead to the wider community, its Sovereign Grand Master has said....

During the course of his address Sir Knight Farr referred to the first resolution of faith, which he said should be the most important thing in our lives.

"The Red Cross (on the collarettes) is the ultimate symbol of Christianity and it is from that symbol and the message of sacrifice and salvation it conveys we can draw the courage to stand up and declare the Christian values and principles so essential in today's world," he continued.

"It is continually said we live in a changing world and we must change or be left behind. That may well be the case in some aspects of life but not when we come to the faith we profess. We all know right from wrong, let us practice what is right and discard all that is wrong....

""Because we live in such a democracy, the Crowned Head is the ultimate guardian of freedom from any excessive or foolish acts by Government.

"As we become more deeply entwined within Europe and more powers are ceded to its authority, we must be vigilant that our monarchy and way of life are not sidelined to be replaced by something which would be alien and indeed harmful to our well being and tradition."

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