Monday, July 14, 2008

Several good posts about Bastille Day

Several other bloggers have also linked this one, and with good reason: The 14th of July 1789: what really happened on Bastille Day?

First let's put things in context. In 1789 France had been for decades in the grips of a budget crisis. It was due to the country's absurd tax structure, and had recently been aggravated by the French support of the American Independence War.

From Le Fleur De Lys Too, Relections on Bastille Day

This puts it in perspective by using contemporary American parallels:

Remember when the L.A. riots spun out of control, and engulfed the whole United States? The key moment was no doubt when police and Army commanders took fright and changed sides, throwing their support to the Committee for Public Safety led by Tom Hayden, along with Noam Chomsky, Barbara Boxer, Michael Moore, and Edward Said. After Hayden’s fall and execution, his successor, Marion Barry, insisted that President Bush and his wife Barbara be tried for treason. Their executions shocked the world but sparked wild celebrations in the capital, as the First Couple’s severed heads danced on poles in daylong parades. A crack whore was duly enshrined in the National Cathedral as the Goddess of Reason.

Marie-Antoinette and the Revolution

There are several points that need to be considered here. First of all, Marie-Antoinette was indeed an Austrian Archduchess, raised to be the consort of the European ruler. She had it instilled in her mind from early on that she was meant to be a queen, although it was not until late in her childhood that it was decided that she was to be the bride of the Dauphin of France. Therefore, Marie-Antoinette was brought up with the idea that it was the monarchy which protected the rights of the people, particularly from the excesses of greedy nobles and barbarous invaders. Without the monarchy's protection, the people would become pawns in games between politicians who would take power for themselves and become dictators. Or so she was taught to see it.

And, of course, subsequent history has proven the Queen to have been absolutely right.

This one doesn't focus on the French Revolution, but it's an excellent post nonetheless:

Queens and princes are for children in a fairytale world.

If that is so, then politicians and "freely elected" heads of state are the stuff of nightmares and by which you scare children. Want to scare your child? Tell them they will be forever paying taxes simply to subsidize the interest alone on their republican national debt. The American Republic's national debt to private bankers and foreign bond owners now exceeds $9 trillion USD.

Want to frighten your children some more? Tell them to be prepared for corruption and demagoguery - they won't have any real choices - Democrats or Republicans. Demoplicans or Republicrats. Choose A or B, but forget about C,D,E,F ... etc. Tell your children about their "freely elected" heads of state and government will take - at every opportunity - their God-given rights. The politicians will spit on their laws, customs and constitutions for personal gain and power.


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