Saturday, August 2, 2008

Things going as expected in Nepal. Unfortunately.

Nepal hit by language row

KATHMANDU (AFP) — A row erupted Monday in Nepal over a decision by the country's new vice-president to read out his oath of office in Hindi, the main language of neighbouring India, rather than Nepali.

The newly-republican Himalayan nation's Supreme Court ordered Parmananda Jha, who was sworn in last week, to explain his use of a foreign language.

V-P defensive as anti-Hindi protests grow

KATHMANDU: For the fourth day in a row yesterday, tumultuous protests continued in Kathmandu, the Terai plains and other regions of Nepal with thousands of students burning the effigy of newly elected Indian-origin Vice-President Parmanand Jha, and demanding an apology from him for taking his oath of office in Hindi.

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