Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The Evil Style Queen, who I linked a couple of days ago, has pointed out a couple more posts of interests in her blogs:

Some Bubble Bursting

So Charles and Camilla have married. Where have all those been, who are vilifying the former Mrs PB now, when the unspeakable "Queen of Hearts" was corrupting more than an entire generation of women and girls with her lack of dignity, obsessive self-centeredness and doubtful taste? She was a bad mother (it is well known how she draw her then small children into her marital problems), a bad wife, who did the worst to her husband any wife can do, namely to have a child by another man, she was bad --make that downright contraproductive-- in her job as Princess of Wales and deliberately tried to harm the institution that made her. As the, usually spot-on, Private Eye put it cynically: "In recent weeks (not to mention the last ten years) we at the Daily Gnome ... may have inadvertently conveyed the impression that the late Princess of Wales was in some way a neurotic, irresponsible and manipulative troublemaker who had repeatedly meddled in political matters that did not concern her and personally embarrassed Her Majesty The Queen by her Mediterranean love-romps with the son of a discredited Egyptian businessman."

Style Is An Attitude

Why do I think The Queen is stylish?

Welcome to this Blog

Empress Elisabeth of Austria, shown in the header as a young girl in a painting by Carl Theodor von Piloty and on the left, is emblematic for this Blog.

She also links to Windsor Style.

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