Saturday, October 18, 2008

Metric Martyrs

'Metric martyrs' given reprieve

The government is acting to end the prosecution of so-called "metric martyrs" - traders who continue to sell goods using only imperial measures.

The government will shortly issue new guidelines to local authorities to encourage "proportionate" action.

Campaigner Neil Herron called the decision "a fantastic victory".

Last year the EU ruled that the UK could carry on using imperial measures, but some councils have continued to take action against people doing so.

Earlier this month Janet Devers, an east London trader, was found guilty of using imperial weighing scales without an official stamp in a prosecution brought by Hackney council.

Last September, European Union commissioners ruled that Britain could carry on using imperial measurements such as pints, pounds and miles.

But under current UK law, traders must also give a conversion figure if they display weights in imperial measurements.

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