Friday, November 14, 2008

Democratic Multiculturalism: An Oxymoron

Joseph of Arimathea discusses matters of great interest to me:

Those Jews

A community is more than a marketplace where only the bare rules of exchange maintain order. A political community sees itself as one; it has biological, cultural, and religious connections that tie it together. A multicultural society is by nature a dysfunctional society unless it is ruled by a unified political power. That unified power can rule over the society as a dominant person, family, or class, or it can be the hegemonic population, as with the dominant WASP culture in America. (I deal with related matters in “Genealogical Interest”) Such hegemony displaces the minor cultures and forces them to assimilate or to submit before the dominant culture, and thus, such a society is not really multicultural. Monarchical and oligarchical multicultural empires can exist, but not democratic ones—they unravel through secession or genocide.

For the record, I agree with the blogger that we Jews have tended to go along with destructive liberal beliefs for understandable but ultimately wrong reasons. Also, though I am not a Christian, I am very much in favor of the survival of Christendom.

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