Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Metric System: Tool for Fascism

Whistle-blowers say council targeted 'metric martyrs' - Telegraph

Three former Hackney Council inspectors have told how they were instructed to single out Colin Hunt, 60 - one of the original metric martyrs - and his sister, Janet Devers, 64, for "enforcement action" because the pair had campaigned against the ban on imperial measurements.
One ex-inspector, who worked for Hackney for four years, said: "The manager told us that we had to teach Janet and Colin a lesson and focus our enforcement efforts on them rather than any other traders who used imperial measures or sold goods by the bowl. We knew it wasn't fair, but if we objected the managers just said we should do as we were told.

Hat tip An Englishman's Castle.

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Jeff S. said...

Yes....we colonists do feel the heavy burden of conserving Anglo-Saxon culture against the assimilation of the global industrial Borg. We have fought bravely, sometimes against our own Presidents. Resist we do, yet not in futility. We know there is more to life than the cold, sterile efficiency of the metricist. We value tradition, for though it may be clumsy, it is not boring. Nay, we enjoy the rich tapestry of history that lay behind the foot, furlong, and farthingdale.

Volodimir Barabash

Pipe the newest tune of madness,
For this country's citizens,
Who are struck by metric madness...
Poor and helpless denizens.

Watch those drivers on the highways,
Ringed with frowns and without smiles,
As they labour how to render
Kilometers into miles.

On hour housewives show your pity,
As they ply their daily rounds.
To grams all must be converted.
No more more pounds.

Voice your feelings for the farmers.
For their daughters and their sons.
They must tabulate in kilos.
No more more tons.

And what about all those tradesmen,
Carpenters and engineers.
Draughtsmen, chemists and all others.
For them we should shed our tears.

Teachers, preachers, politicians.
Printers, newsmen...victims all.
Let us hope this metric fever
Will not drive us up the wall.