Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Act of Settlement

God Save Our King – the Duke of Bavaria

The obsession with appeasing minorities now includes Roman Catholics, who are apparently pining away for want of being able to become King of England, or to marry into the Royal family. I should have thought there were more important issues as Britain sinks into the swamp, but never mind. If we overturn the Act of Settlement then it seems to make sense to go the whole hog, and restore the Stuart (Catholic) line to the throne, from which it was debarred in 1701. This, as my colleague Mandrake discloses today, means turning the Duke of Bavaria, a descendant of James II, into King Francis II. This would be but a small undertaking for a Government that has already brought Britain to its knees, and how we must look forward to it.

Duke Francis of Bavaria given hope of claiming British throne

Jack Straw's review of the law banning Roman Catholics from succeeding to the throne may have some intriguing ramifications. It had been envisaged that any change to the law would apply only to future members of the Royal family, but the present Duke Francis of Bavaria, who claims to be the rightful king of Scotland, England, Ireland and France, is likely to be consulting m'learned friends about how it will apply to him.

Hat tip: Roncesvalles.

Act repeal could make Franz Herzog von Bayern new King of England and Scotland

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Theodore Harvey said...

I debunked this nonsense here:


Also, Francis's ancestress Henrietta Maria was the daughter of Charles I, not James II. The legitimate issue of James II became extinct in 1807. The Telegraph needs to get its facts straight.