Friday, December 5, 2008

How Obama Got Elected

The great mass of people are not sufficiently interested in politics to learn what is necessary to know in order to make informed voting decisions. Besides that most charitable observation—for it is to Americans’ credit that they value other things more than politics—it remains true that many people are stupid, uneducated, and lacking in practical wisdom. According to Andrew the logic professor, only a minority of his students—people in a selective university who have chosen to take courses in logic—are capable of discursive reasoning. Basic syllogistic steps, repeatedly explained over the course of fifteen weeks, are too much for them to grasp. How, then, can we expect every adult with a pulse to judge the complex matters of public policy?

It is absurd! Democracy is ridiculous, in theory and in practice. Yet, it holds such a commanding hold on the allegiances and aspirations of all. Simply baffling . . .


Elsinore said...

I totally agree with you, sir. I admire your blog and have linked it to mine.

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Moshea bat Abraham said...

Elsinore, thank you! I've returned the favor. And you're right, Laetitia Casta is exquisite.