Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Conservative Reformation

Face it: Conservatism is losing. The sagacious reader will acknowledge that although an occasional conservative counterattack has limited success, the overall tendency in America, and the rest of Western Civilization, is toward the left. Political conservatism has remained viable through this shift mainly by redefining its goals, so that today's conservatism mainly is about impeding, rather than decisively reversing, our leftward movement. Thus, for example, mainstream conservatism is not trying to re-stigmatize homosexuality, but only to limit the advance of its legitimization.

And why is liberalism winning? Because although pockets of conservatism remain, liberalism has effective control over the official thinking of America. The ways we Americans generally think, and therefore the ways we generally act, start with the premises of liberalism, the most basic of which is that man, not God, is the supreme being. And therefore, since man is finite and fallible, there can be no certain and hence authoritative answers to the questions of life, which leads liberalism to emphasize liberty, equality, openness to the outsider (i.e., multiculturalism), and nonjudgmentalism. Ironically, this lack of authoritative answers also leads to tyranny, because society requires order, and with no God to be its source, order ultimately must be maintained by subterfuge and force, not reason.

And let's be clear about the consequences of liberal domination: Since liberalism is largely false, since it tells untruths about the most important questions of life, no society governed by liberal principles can maintain its existence. If America continues under the domination of liberalism, we can be certain that our future is either Balkanization (i.e., disintegration) or else the establishment of a soviet-style government, in which a leftist elite maintains its rule by force. The leftist dream of a society in which people live in harmony through voluntary assent to liberalism is just that: a dream. Real-world people require a social order that is in accord with traditionalist, that is, non-liberal, principles.

Look at it this way: the vast majority of people, including most conservatives, believe either that American society is basically sound (only needing to be protected from a few leftist schemes), or that the overall condition of society is totally beyond human comprehension or control. Both of these beliefs must be rejected: The dominant leftist way of thinking is both wrongheaded and in control, and so America is in serious danger. Furthermore, we can understand the basic nature of the problem.


Pedes Christi said...

I found this post very insightful and most interesting. Unfortunately, things may have to fall apart very badly before the myth of democracy is disproved, and human nature asserts itself.

Moshea bat Abraham said...

Thank you! Please notice, though, that I did not write this. These are excerpts from http://www.intellectualconservative.com/2009/01/06/conservative-reformation which you should read in its entirety!