Friday, February 6, 2009

Ah, democracy!

Today I was discussing the metric system with some of my online friends. Most of them are more or less in sympathy with my dislike of it, but they consider my deep-seated anger over it excessive. (I think they drew this conclusion when I suggested hanging all elected officials and government employees who supported it. I really don't see the problem here. Wait'll they hear what I want to do to those who support the euro.)

This extended into a discussion of euros vs. legitimate monetary units such as the mark, franc, pound, etc. Many of the Europeans were wistful about seeing their proper currency go, but they accepted it as inevitable and necessary. And I know that many people have resisted the metric system, and of course many citizens of European countries have tried to resist the EU itself. But no matter how clear the citizenry makes its wishes about these things, the governments continue to meddle in their lives, changing things that don't need changing, forcing them to change useful habits to meet the whims of some bureaucrat in Brussels.

Democracy: the system that allows you to vote for the people who will shove things you don't want down your throat.

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ZAROVE said...

Thst does seem to be the way of things. I am often told, when I tell others I am a Monarchist, by those who do not share my views, that they would never want a Monarch, because they don't want some guy telling them what to do. For some reason, because we, the people, elected our leaders, we seem ioblivious to the fact that they often do, in fact, tell us what to do.

Then again, I casn't even get people to see the contradiction in being angry at the winner of sn election becsuse your side didnt won, and a claim that the system we have noow works because the whole communit comes togsather to pick a leadr. Ah well.