Thursday, February 19, 2009

They've been plotting this for decades.

Mencius Moldbug, along with a couple of other smart reactionaries, keeps saying that Progressivism is actually the spawn of Protestant Christianity. At first I resisted this, since of course I know and know of plenty of Protestants who are good conservatives. But eventually I started to see that he was right, though Progressivism is very much a mutant spawn of Protestantism.

Today he again linked something he's linked before as evidence. I've just reread it and wanted to share.

American Malvern

These are the high spots of organized U.S. Protestantism's super-protestant new program for a just and durable peace after World War II:

* Ultimately, "a world government of delegated powers."

* Complete abandonment of U.S. isolationism.

* Strong immediate limitations on national sovereignty. [Ed.: This is a large part of why monarchy had to go. Monarchs aren't going to hand over their sovereignty to some board of directors. Elected heads of state have demonstrated over recent decades their eagerness to do just that.]

* International control of all armies & navies. [Ed.: No wonder Democrats kept whining that the rest of the world didn't approve of us going to war against terrorist states. Sane people can't see the problem there. It's because in their minds, this bullet point is a legitimate goal to be striven for and behaving as if it hasn't happened, which it hasn't, is alarming out-of-control behavior.]

* "A universal system of money ... so planned as to prevent inflation and deflation." [Ed.: What did I say about the euro?!?]

* Worldwide freedom of immigration.

* Progressive elimination of all tariff and quota restrictions on world trade.

* "Autonomy for all subject and colonial peoples" (with much better treatment for Negroes in the U.S.). [The second part of this sentence is the only piece of this entire list of which I can approve.]

* "No punitive reparations, no humiliating decrees of war guilt, no arbitrary dismemberment of nations."

* A "democratically controlled" international bank "to make development capital available in all parts of the world without the predatory and imperialistic aftermath so characteristic of large-scale private and governmental loans."

This program was adopted last week by 375 appointed representatives of 30-odd denominations called together at Ohio Wesleyan University by the Federal Council of Churches. Every local Protestant church in the country will now be urged to get behind the program. "As Christian citizens," its sponsors affirmed, "we must seek to translate our beliefs into practical realities and to create a public opinion which will insure that the United States shall play its full and essential part in the creation of a moral way of international living."

God help us.

The only comfort, if you can call it that, is that this will inevitably lead to a world war which will smash the vile structure to bits.


Mike Fulton said...
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Mike Fulton said...

'm reminded of the book "The World Turned Upside Down" by Christopher Hill. It is about the Puritan Revolution in England.

Although it is written by a Marxist historian, it really does show how Protestantism set the condition for a revolution which overthrew the monarchy.

Moshea bat Abraham said...

Mike, I shall have to read that book. Thank you for telling me about it.

Ironically, right now I'm watching The Tudors, a series that, despite its inaccuracies and sensationalism, has made me see why Catholics have been going, "See? We told you this was a bad idea."

crusader88 said...

I call that comfort enough! The Islamists, however great their evils are, at least have more to live for than investment portfolios and cheap sex. The West deserves it!

MR. OBSIDIAN said...

It is often said that the mark of a good engineer is the simplicity of his design. As with any machination, a government becomes more unwieldy and inefficient as it gains in size. This is no revelation to those of us with sense, yet such a simple truth remains aloof of progressive social engineers. Their solution invariably consists of pumping greater effort into whatever factor is failing, viz. A deficit problem can be fixed by increased spending; a cumbersome bureaucracy can be streamlined through additional bloat; and so forth.

I agree with your perspective that such action will inevitably lead to a collapse of the precious structure. Efficiency cannot be accomplished by amplifying inherent flaws, in the same way that order is not reached by increasing entropy.