Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Electoral College and True Democracy

Yesterday I was leafing through a local publication and came across a rant about the electoral college. According to the ranter, she was an Obama supporter but was still mad because Hilary Clinton got more votes in the primaries and thus should have been the presidential candidate, not Obama. I don't know if that's true or if that's how primary elections work, and I frankly don't care enough to figure out how to look it up.

She finished by declaring that it is time we did away with the electoral college and directly elected our presidents. That, she said, would be "true democracy".

Only a couple of years ago that phrase wouldn't have bothered me a bit, and by the way, I frankly don't think that it makes much difference whether we have an electoral college or not. But now, I am struck by the fact that this anonymous ranter clearly considered the phrase "true democracy" to be an argument in her favor. You know, the whole problem with our democracy is that it isn't democratic enough, and making it more democratic would be a good thing. We're all so brainwashed about the innate virtue of democracy that all you have to do is use that magic word to justify making major changes in the processes of government.

Of course, even had I not become a monarchist, I would now be feeling rather disillusioned about democracy, considering the fix it's gotten my country into. I have no doubt that this latest election will awaken more Americans to the folly of democracy, "true" or not.

And while I am on the subject, I would like to apologize on behalf of my country to England for the appalling behavior of our current "president" towards Gordon Brown. I am no fan of Gordon Brown, but that does not change the fact of the respect with which England's prime minister should be received. I am utterly humiliated that someone who purports to represent my country should behave in such a fashion.


ZAROVE said...

I'm afraid I have to disagree with you on one point, otherwise this article is exactly what I think when people banty about the term "True Democracy".

I just don't think this last election will wake people up to the folly of Democracy. Of course it should, as its obvious from how pathetic it was, and how much of it was decided by mass media praise for Obama and demonisign Palin, and from how the candidates themselves bebaved, that this is not a way to pick our leaders, the trouble is, this is not seen by those who have been reared in the Democracy Myth.

Its the same reason Obamas supporers do not notice how much of his iamge is crafted by the media to seduce them, and how much of an infleunce the media has been on the culture, its because they have been taken in by it, which is what we would complain about in the first place.

In peoples minds, Democracy is the only valid form of government, and of course is the only route to freedom. Tell them your a Monarchist and they will always retort that they do not want someone to tell them what to do, and how much they prefer freedom. In their minds, Democracy is linked to freedom to live s you choose, as well as a good economy and a lack of wars.

They think if we do not elect our leaders we are slaves and will be oppressed and war will abound.

They link freedom and prosperity to emocracy and assume a Monarchy is a Dictatorship.

Worse, most ofhem relaly don't think of alternatives. Democracy in their midns is the ONLY form of Government that can exist properly.

So naturally, despite the endless parade of corrupt and inept men seeking power by popularity alone, and no matter how rotten the Government becomes, they will not just abandon Democracy but endlessly clamour for reforms, as if we can fix our problems if only the right people are elected, or the system is made more democratic. Inf act, problems are usually said to result form things not being democratic enough.

I doubt people will wake up and realise that Democracy often is the problem in the first place any time soon.

Moshea bat Abraham said...

Oh, you're quite right that not many people will be awakened by this election. But I do believe that a few shall.

Thank you for your perceptive comments!

ZAROVE said...

I think that Monarchy will eventually be restored, but it will be in the fullness of time. If you read Plato, you will see these thigns follow a predictable pattern, and Ibeelive he was right. I also beleie Monarchy is the Normal route for Humanity, with periodic breaks in the form fo revolt.

However, todays minds are Democratic, so the retirn to Monarchy will either be due to dictatorships assumign pwoer in a crisis of cultural crash, or else will be the result of a culture rebuildign aroind familial values after a societal crash.

Neither are good, but this seems the futue.

Byt he way, its a pity yo ave no contact info. I'd liek to add you as I liek tlakign to fellow Monarchists, of which I find a few.

ZAROVE said...

Not to offend of course. I know a few other Monarchists, so would like o orginise them all. Maybe I should start a forum or something.

Moshea bat Abraham said...


I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, the last few days have been busy. What sort of contact information were you thinking of?

Also, check out the links in my sidebars and you'll find several monarchist bloggers. Someone did try to start a social networking site for monarchists, but it seems to have disappeared.

Oh, but there's still this!

ZAROVE said...

Well if you have Email thats a start. I need a good monarhcist base anyway, just today in my Humanities class I was called arrogant because I dared ot challenge THomas Jefferson.

Basiclaly, the answer was that Jefferson was a lot smarter than me and I shoudln't challenge his htinking. The class actually teaches us that it was good that peopel chhallenged past perceptiosn or rediscovered classical thinking, and yet I am arrogant for sayign Jefferson was not really smarter than me and that I disagree?

Apparently, saying the Revolutions where unjustified and lead to needless bloodshed and societal upheaval, especially in France and later Russia, but also in America, is somehow arrogant.

Moshea bat Abraham said...

My email is monarchist.american@gmail.com.

As for people freaking out when you say you're a monarchist or question democratic sacred cows, all I can say is, get used to it. Even very intelligent people consider elected government to be sacrosanct.

ZAROVE said...

Oh Im use to it, but being called arrogant because I dare challenge Jefferson? This is what the teacher asked us to do in the first palce, to question existing ideals.