Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've never been much of a TV watcher, but now and then they air something I actually find worthwhile.

For example, Kings, which premiered on Sunday. The first episode can be viewed at the link. It's a modern-day version of the Biblical story of David. We have King Silas (Saul) carrying a cell phone and giving press conferences, "Goliath" is a type of tank, and so on.

I do have some criticisms. David's characterization is too idealistic for my tastes; the historical King David was, in my view, quite the Machiavellian. I have heard rumors that he will become more so as the series continues; I can only hope so. The Tudors had the courage to make their protagonist unsympathetic and look how successful it has been!

I also was not pleased to see the dreary PC details that were shoehorned in. But then, I didn't imagine that the Ministry of Propaganda would allow any show to be released without that.

But I won't let these flaws deprive me of the show. Royalty, court intrigue, and implicitly Jewish characters - how could I resist? And it's beautifully filmed, well acted, complexly plotted, and well scripted with many subtly funny lines. At the beginning, Reverend Samuels (the prophet Samuel, of course) meets young David Shepherd and remarks, "You're a polite young man."

"Just the way I was raised," David replies.

"Yes? Well, you'd better get over it before you go out into the world," Samuels remarks wryly.

Historical movies and shows always inspire me to do research to learn how accurate they are. I've been reading a lot about the Tudors because of the series about them, and The Last King has me digging around to find out all about the Merry Monarch. (I recommend the movie and will blog about what I'm learning in time.) This one will send me back to the Bible to refresh my memory about the events they're dramatizing.

The ratings haven't been great so far, but I think the show is really good. So unless you are one of those who has, understandably, sworn off the idiot box, then please, tune in to this show. We should encourage the TV makers when they do something right for a change.


ZAROVE said...

I didn't het a chance ot see it. I didn't know it premeired sunday, but did want to give it a go.

Moshea bat Abraham said...

Well, you can watch it at the website I linked! I hope you will.

ZAROVE said...

I wa sunabel to wathc hte firts episode, as this PC lacks sound, and is on Dialup. But I did liek the second Episode, which I saw tonight.