Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bookmark I picked up in a used bookstore


ZAROVE said...

I need to buy that book. I vaugely remmber the Authors name so it must be good!

MadMonarchist said...

hmmm.... I think this was part of a series along with classics like:

Living a Life of Chastity by Caligula Ceasar

Fostering a Healthy Father-Son Relationship by Ivan the Terrible

My First Joke Book by Queen Victoria

Maintaining Healthy Self-Esteem by Kaiser Wilhelm II

Less is More by King Louis XIV

Living Within Your Means by Queen Marie Antoinette

and of course the classic;

How to Choose Good Friends by Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna

Moshea bat Abraham said...


Thomas Banks said...

Believe it or not, "Less Is More" is the title of a book by Henry VIII after firing one of his chancellors.

ZAROVE said...

Somehow I can believe it. I once read an essay in praise of our fiune Military Traditions by Bill CLinton, so, no shortage of odd things peopel write.