Friday, July 3, 2009

The Fourth of July

I loved America.

I use the past tense, not because my feelings have changed, but because America has ceased to exist. A zombie in its shape continues to lumber along, for the moment, but all that is truly left of my beloved country is a precious memory.

Don't misunderstand me. Though I could list many of his deeds that I thoroughly disapprove of, I am not one of the pro-terrorist morons with Bush Derangement Syndrome who hates him for trying to protect Americans from terrorism (also known as "doing his job"), unlike Clinton, who declined Egypt's offer to hand Osama over to us and refused to speak to the head of the CIA even once during his eight years in office; Gore, who humiliated the country before the world with a ludicrous attempt to steal the election, and then tried to distract us all from the serious problem of terrorism with lies about the environment; or the foreigner currently illegally occupying the White House, who constantly humiliates us with his tacky behavior, has literally bowed to our enemies, and clearly intends to deliver us into their hands. Not one of Dubya's widely-denounced actions would have even been contemplated if not for the criminal folly of the past century of Democrats. (Not that all of the blame lies with them; they wrought the havoc, but we allowed them to do so.) Left with their mess to try to tidy up, he did as well as is humanly possible. I voted for Dubya twice and am glad I did so. I have to admit, as recently as the year I was born, Dubya would have been far too liberal on numerous issues for most conservatives' taste, certainly my own. But by the 21st century, no one who would have even dreamed of the proper course of action in these times could get elected Registrar of Deeds, let alone president. In Europe, such people are routinely thrown into prison nowadays, solely on the basis of what they say. I expect the same to be the case here before long.

But despite his many flaws, in this era when even "conservatives" have come to believe that children do fine with working mothers and that Western nations should continue to admit millions of Third World illiterates every year, Dubya was the absolute best we could possibly elect. Certainly he was far better than we now deserve. I am and will always be grateful to him. History shall recall him as the final American president. He gave our country its last chance.

Last November, we chose to throw it away.

Already, the usurper now at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has proven to be the worst president we have ever had, surpassing even Woodrow Wilson. Those Europeans who don't hate America but aren't too terribly keen on its hegemony might not be too dismayed at the thought of America's inevitable collapse in power and prosperity at this man's hands, but consider the consequences to Europe of previous bad presidents. Franklin Delano Roosevelt allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor so that he could drag us into the war and advance his socialist, democratic, universalist agenda. Without his connivance, the Soviet Union would likely not have been allowed to claim so much of Eastern Europe, and the Cold War might have been averted. Perhaps we may give Roosevelt a partial pass, because yes, the Nazis did need to be stopped, most urgently. Let us instead lay the blame at the feet of his predecessor, Woodrow Wilson, without whom there would never have been a Second World War. The Treaty of Versailles, income tax, the League of Nations, and Prohibition are only a few of Wilson's evil legacies. These two presidents rode roughshod over America, but there is no doubt that Europe suffered far more because of them than we ever have. Do you really think our current scoundrel will leave Europe no worse off than it now is?

And to those Americans who keep dismissing my worries by saying, "All we have to do is elect a good man in 2012 and he'll fix everything," you are ignoring historical precedent. Of the vile things Woodrow Wilson inflicted on our country, Prohibition is the only one that has been rescinded, though not before who knows how many people were murdered or impoverished by it. We continue to suffer for all of his other crimes, and those of his left-wing successors. Even the best presidents we have managed to elect have never managed more than token gestures in restoring our freedom and rights to us. What makes us imagine that this time will be any different?

I still love my country, even though it no longer exists. I love our generosity, our optimism, our self-reliance, our ingenuity. I love these things even though for a century now evil men have twisted them to evil ends. I love them even though all of these qualities are being brainwashed out of us.

Unless a miracle happens, July Fourth will for the rest of my life be a day of mourning for me.


MadMonarchist said...

Bravo! I would second all of that. Likewise, I cannot have as much optimism as others that all can be set right again in the next election. Income taxes were supposed to be temporary too. The sort of social programs B. Hussein Obama is pushing are exactly the kind that work like narcotics; once the public is hooked they are virtually impossible to repeal. This is the first July 4 in my lifetime that I have heard major public figures say they will NOT be celebrating Independence Day because it would be a lie. I also never thought I would see the day that the Governor of my own state would even raise the notion of secession and yet it has happened. Anyway, to paraphrase King Henry VIII, let me say again that your opinions are excellent; for they exactly coincide with my own. lol

Moshea bat Abraham said...

Hee. So, does that mean you're a Texan? I lived there for a few years. If they do secede, we may be neighbors in a few years.

Thomas Banks said...

I couldn't agree more with your comments on Wilson. However I must say that whatever strange gods (Welfare State, Multiculturalism, Globalism etc.) our nation has pursued in the past century and continues to pursue today, Joy remains a calling for us not because of some deceptive and ephemeral "Progress" we have made collectively, but because it is the end God appoints for us.

Furthermore, delight in the presence of disaster is the best revenge we can take on those parties who would make us miserable.

God bless you.

Thomas Banks said...

Syntactical clarification per my last comment- "It" in the last clause of my second sentence was intended to have "Joy" for its antecedent, not "Progress." Wasn't sure if I had made that clear or not.


Thom Banks

MadMonarchist said...

Guilty as charged. I never would have thought it was possible but more and more people are considering it and a good number actively calling for it. If things continue as they are I would say it would become a real possibility. Of course, that being said, I never understood why we celebrate the 4th (I don't) as it meant nothing to us, our independence day was March 2. On July 4, 1776 *my* country was doing just fine as a realm of the King of Spain.