Friday, July 17, 2009

It seems I'm back.

I'm sorry I've neglected you for so long.

It’s a knockout

It is 2020, hereditary monarchy is over, and the British people are about to elect their first king or queen. Our special correspondent reports from the future

But live TV did win in the end: the hustings of the initial eight candidates for monarch attracted huge audiences for the BBC (though not as big, perhaps, as Regicide would have pulled in). The debates proved impassioned, and at times chaotic. George Galloway’s flamboyant candidacy, in which he promised to take the throne on behalf “of the dispossessed of the world and the countless unnamed victims of British imperialism”, attracted global attention. DJ Chris Moyles’s clownish campaign met only ridicule. Too old to catch the youth vote yet too offensive for everyone else, Moyles finished in last place in the first-round vote – a contest that set another astonishing record when 68 per cent of the electorate turned out.

Also, here's a good news feed for royal-related news I just found.

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Mandy said...

'Monsters and Critics: Royal Watch' is a great site. I have had their feed for some time, and while it never has photos, it is still an excellent source of news on the royals.