Friday, July 17, 2009


Maoists keep Nepal Monarchy alive, but why?

No body talks of the former monarch save the Maoists and the RPP-Nepal Chairman Kamal Thapa. Well, for all practical purposes, Kamal Thapa’s political stance is clear. Thapa wants the monarchy back. Whether he (Thapa) will succeed in his adventure or not could be a matter of intense debate among the Kathmandu elites. But, why the Maoists are scared of the now sidelined monarch remains a mystery? However, what is for sure is that the frequent remarks being made by the Maoists forwarding this or that reason has albeit come as a support to the now defunct Nepal’s monarchy. People are thus reminded of the past due to Maoists utterances as regards the monarchy.

Nepal’s monarchy is limited in the pages of history!

G&B: Who played the vital role, the Nepali People or the outsiders, for the fall of the Institution of Monarchy?

Thapa: I'll give the credit to the Nepali people.

After the gruesome massacre of Late King Birendra and his family members, there was the massive change in the people’s perception as regards the institution of the Nepali monarchy...a big question mark was raised which ultimately became the major factor for the fall of monarchy.

Even in the international front, after the Royal Massacre, the perception that the Monarchy could still institutionalize democratic framework vanished.

G&B: Do you mean to say that King Gyanendra's takeover ridiculing the democratic principles finally became the prime reason for the fall of monarchy?

Thapa: The biggest blunder was His step to cross the limits of the 1990 constitution.

King Gyanendra 'troubled and anguished'

Nepal's former King Gyanendra is "very perturbed" by the state of his country a year after the monarchy was abolished.

In his first statement since he was deposed last June, Gyanendra - who turned 63 yesterday (07.07.09) - expressed his concerns about the lack of progress in establishing peace and prosperity for his people.

He said: "Even in this changed context when I observe that there has been no improvement in the lot of my beloved fellow citizens, my brothers and sisters, I am very perturbed, very troubled and very anguished."

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