Saturday, July 25, 2009

Symbol of Change

Monarchy in Morocco 'symbol of change', geopolitician says

Paris - Monarchy in Morocco is "the symbol of change and of major innovative momentums", said Charles Saint-Prot, director of the Paris-based Observatory for Geopolitical Studies.

Speaking on Wednesday at a ceremony held to present the book "Le Maroc en marche" (Morocco Moving Forward), published recently, Saint-Prot deems important that academics, experts and MPs joint efforts to make known the achievements made by Morocco over the first decade of H.M. King Mohammed VI's reign.

The significant progress achieved by the kingdom is notable at the political level with the "undeniable" consolidation of the rule of law, as well as at the religious level with major reforms initiated to show that Islam is also a religion of moderation, he said.

H.M. King Mohammed VI is also a symbol of this Islam of the happy medium, he said, adding that Morocco is witnessing, under the king, sweeping reforms. In addition to the drop in poverty rates, the kingdom has been witnessing large-scale projects and a substantial economic development with a high growth rate, he said.

Of course, what's good about monarchy is that it isn't about change, but stability. But I think in this case it's a case of semantics; we conservatives like reform, not "change". The word "reform" implying improvement of existing institutions, rather than revolutionary upheaval.

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