Saturday, August 29, 2009

Australians still love their Queen

God (and Young Liberals) saving the Queen

AT A restaurant on the fringe of Chinatown, a group of youths hang on every word of the Liberal senator Cory Bernardi as they eat Chinese food with spoons. It is an unusual scene, with the gathering singing God Save the Queen before they eat.

This is the world of young monarchists: teens who were children during the republic referendum, speaking in rounded British vowels, laughing at jokes about Malcolm Fraser.

''We would have ended up like Argentina if the loans affair had … gone ahead,'' says Jessica Noot, 19, a Young Liberal and member of the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy. ''I love the royal family and all that sort of thing - what girl doesn't? - but that's an aside. It's a constitutional thing. I love the system we have.''

There is a push for youth involvement in the monarchist movement - beyond the Young Liberals who join its ageing ranks. The Australians for Constitutional Monarchy is led by Thomas Flynn, 32. It has a Facebook presence and is poised to launch an essay prize for young people.

Another organisation, the Australian Monarchist League, has begun its own push into schools with the publication of seven papers detailing the constitution. It has a Twitter page and YouTube clips.

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radical royalist said...

Of course, the Queen of Australia is loved here, despite the Fairfax media's efforts to ridicule Her Majesty's supporters.