Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bad News From Nepal

Anarchy or Monarchy for Nepal

ad not GP Koirala showed the excessive greed at the cost of the democracy and nation, today`s mess and uncertainties would have never taken place.

There is complete absence of peace in Nepal. The flares of ethnic division created by the Maoists are ever increasing. The dozens of armed ethnic groups are engaged in violence, intimidations, torture, kidnappings, coercion, and killings. Anyone rejecting to accept extortion means inviting harassment and becoming the victim of human rights violations. Rampant increases in jobless youths, crumbling economy, heightening commodity prices, weakening of the nationalism- all make sorry states of the nation. The government has nothing at its disposal except prolonging its life with the use of hollow rhetoric that can never be put into practice.

The centuries old unity has been shaken. A dream of "Zone of Peace` has been replaced by complete anarchy.

13 injured as YCL cadres go on rampage

Young Communist League (YCL) cadres attacked and injured six Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N) activists at Chipledhunga of Pokhara on Thursday. The activists later clashed with the police team that had arrived at the scene to control the situation. Six police officers and

YCL district chair Suman Devkota were hurt....

Jhalakpani Tiwari, Kaski district in-charge of the UCPN (Maoist), claimed that local people attacked the RPP-N cadres as the latter were trying to resurrect monarchy.

“I have advised the RPP-N not to try to revive monarchy. Regressive forces that try to revive monarchy should not be spared,” Tiwari said.

More on the same incident.

Royal Palace Massacre in Nepal -2001

Since 2000 AD, India wanted to abolish Nepalese monarchy anyhow. Nepalese monarchy is the convincing factor of Nepalese unity & sovereignty. But, the India never likes peaceful unity and inseparable Nepal. So, Indian Congress (I) leaders and RAW chief came to Nepal and put pressure to get rid of monarchy. Then, there starts the grand design of Royal massacre.

Nations that want your monarchy gone are your enemies.

A teachable moment amid the basic ambiguity of the relationship

Three years after it jumpstarted a peace process predicated on the slow death of the monarchy, India has come full circle in Nepal. The motions have been an odd mixture of tentativeness, calibration, symbolism and intimidation. On the surface, New Delhi’s unease with the Maoists’ motives is palpable. But that anxiety merely covers its wider alarm over the departures from the script.

For many Nepalis, former king Gyanendra’s recent month-long visit to India epitomized the turnaround. The warm reception he received in powerful Indian quarters representing the two major political formations instantly sparked speculation on the possibility of a restoration of the monarchy. Regardless of the election outcome, New Delhi will most likely revise its Nepal policy in keeping with its broader national security imperatives.

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