Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nepal doing as expected.

3-M: Maoist, Military & Monarchy

In the eventuality, if the population reject the military’s taking over the charge of the nation and the nation’s law and order situation goes beyond the control of the security agencies then in that prevailing chaotic situation, the third M-that is the Monarchy will be restored by the Indian establishment forwarding the sstructured safe and sound reason that “a politically destabilized Nepal may have its profound negative impact on the security situation of India as well”.

The recent political overtones coming as it does from both within and without suggest that of the three M, one fortunate M will rule this country toeing the Indian instructions.

Bomb damages office of major Nepal party

(AP) — KATMANDU, Nepal - A bomb was tossed Tuesday at the headquarters of one of Nepal's main political parties, causing minor damage to the building, but no one was hurt, a party official said.

Police were investigating the attack at the Nepali Congress party's office in southern Katmandu, party official Ram Chandra Pokhrel said. A little-known group named the National Defense Army left pamphlets at the scene, he said.

The group has claimed responsibility for some bomb attacks in the past and is believed to support the country's ousted king and the reinstatement of the monarchy.

Nepal’s ex-king ready to pay taxes


India's Hand in Nepal Royal Palace Massacre - 2001

The Indian government is making it difficult for Nepal to assert her sovereignty. The Indian intelligence service Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) has been fomenting violent deterioration in Nepal. In Nepal, Indian leaders especially the government of Congress (I) have been playing an active role to diffuse the democratic aspirations of the Nepalese people. In 1989, India imposed an economic blockade on Nepal.

The reason was the expiring of the Trade and Transit Treaty. After the blockade, India had asked King Birendra to remain under the Indian security umbrella by enjoying the same status as the Bhutani King. But the sovereign Nepalese King Birendra rejected the Indian interest. Then, India started the conspiracy against Nepal....

Since 2000 AD, India wanted to abolish the Nepalese monarchy any way it could. The Nepalese monarchy is the convincing factor of Nepalese unity & sovereignty. But India does not like peaceful unity and an inseparable Nepal.

People who want to take your monarch away are not your friends.

Gyanendra ready to obey people 'if monarchy restored'

Asked about his role in the current political scenario, he put the onus on the people, who were "supreme".

"I quit the Royal Palace as per the wishes of the people. It is the choice of the Nepali people whether to reinstate the monarchy or not," Gyanendra said when asked whether he was hopeful of the revival of the 240-year old institution that was abolished last May. "The People will themselves decide over the fate of the monarchy and will also chart out the role and the form in which they want to see the monarchy," he said in an interview to the Nepali Janbhawana Weekly.

"If the people so wish, nothing is impossible," the former king was quoted as saying by the Telegraph Nepal online in a report based on the interview to the Nepali Weekly. "Who had thought that the monarchy would be sidelined in such an easy manner as it was done?"

I find myself thinking, this is a bit like letting your children play in traffic because they really want to, and only after they've been hit by a car and are in the hospital asking them if they now want you to be their guardians again.

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