Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Other Boleyn Girl

I've linked history_spork here before. They've just posted a new sporking of the abysmally ahistorical The Other Boleyn Girl. The one starring Natalie Portman, that is. There's another version, which Netflix only recently got, but it's very badly made, so I don't recommend bothering at all with that one.

Actually, I don't recommend the Portman version either. But nobody warned me in time.

Queen Catherine (after the birth of another stillborn son): No brother for you, Mary…

Princess Mary: Bloody hell!

Queen Catherine: …to make this country safe!

cutecoati: To make her safe, rather, because one living son would have spared her the whole mess.

cloudlessnights: And us this movie?

cutecoati: There's that, too.

Warning: language.

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