Friday, December 18, 2009

Tory Anarchist

The Paradox of “Self-Government”

It doesn’t limit the scope of state power at all; it expands it. This isn’t just because rulers can get away with a lot more so long as they keep up the myth that they aren’t really imposing anything on anyone else but are merely the conduit by which people govern themselves. It’s also because the modern notion of self-government tends to assume homogeneous selves — that is, while older evolved systems of government tended to take into account the diverse interests of society (church, nobility, king and courtiers, peasantry, etc.), contemporary notions of self-government usually acknowledge only a single, general public interest. Today it would be difficult even to say what different interests should be represented in government — small businesses? multiple churches? universities? — since this way of thinking is very much out of fashion, and in any case which interests were represented in government in the Middle Ages were a function of power, not design. Kings had to deal with nobles and the Church, whether they wanted to or not.

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ZAROVE said...

There is a mentality that says the Middle Ages where the Dark Ages, and the form fo Government was one lead by "Elites" who told us all what to do. From our modern mindset, most look back on such Governments with disdane, because they differ so much from our own.

Few take the time to understand and appriciate them, in how they where frmed. The Simple fact that they arenot seen as Demoratic is enough to make most people feel they are wrong. Actually, the simple fact that they differ from our own makes pople at least laugh at them.

People tend to think only what they are use to is theproper way of doing things.

However, Government form this period was ironiclaly more in line with the Democratic Ideal. I say that because in it more peoples actual interests where really represented, a opposed ot mere Geography.

People are far mroe unified by hteir own interests than by simply theplace where they live. I know form expeirnce. I have lived in a small town in Tennessee most of my life but am thinkign of moving, because I am so very different form is inhabitants.

EVen within this msall, rather homogenised town, however, people have diffrign tastes and interests. None are represented even in our local town counsil. Instead we are divide dinto arbitrarily defined Distircts, and tld to vote for a COunsilman who represnts all of us on the basis of getting even a slight majority of he votes. The man may attend a different Church, which her eis importants. He may work a different type of job. He may live a different lifestyle. Still, he belongs ot the political party we prefer anx has a platform thatw e may not agree with fully but think of as superior to theother blokes.

Then we vote for Mayor an its the same mess over again.

I once proposed a Neo-Feudal ideal. One in which the rights of men are secured, but in which we have interests rpresente as well as localities.

Base don how influencial a lobby is and how many member sof osciety relaly are of that group, you woudl have representaiton in the upper house base don those affiliations. IE, the Catholic Churhc may send three Bishops, and the National Evangelical Association, an umberella group for multiple smaller CHruches, may send three.

In this way, we woudl have Jewish Groups ( Or poerhaps just one blanket orginisaiton for all Jews. I know thee is a diffeence but Im not sure the numbers speak well of allowign each group independance in representation, as Jewish peopel make up only around 3-4% of the total US Population, and less in some states) and Muslim Groups (See above Parenthasis) given a voice and vote as well, based on their specific beleifs.

Beynd the Religious comunities, we can have business interests on hand to discuss buisness. Merchants gulds, Famrers guilds, trade union guilds, ect.

Just a thouth ofcourse, Ive not fleshed this out.

Still, an interstign though.

On an aside, Ive noticed you havent been rpelyign o comments of late. I hoipe all is well and you are simply busy?