Sunday, March 21, 2010


I told you so.


ZAROVE said...

No, I dont see. WHat did you tell us?

American Monarchist said...

Sorry, I know it's not as big news elsewhere as it is here.

Obama just got his "health care reform" bill passed. The end result will be the socialization of medicine in this country, with all the attendant horrors. Plus, of course, a huge additional burden for the taxpayer, which is of course exactly what the economy needs right now!

Fourmyle said...

Ok, ObamaCare is bad. I'm on board with that.

Two questions:
1. Do you think it simply impossible for Monarchs to pass bad laws?

(This first question is mostly rhetorical. Obviously they can.)

2. If a Monarch does pass a bad law, what do you (the citizen) do about it? ObamaCare can be repealed once the current government is replaced.

Craig Peter said...

what tell you
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