Friday, April 1, 2011

My sentiments exactly.

Florence King opens her Diary

Being an English-American can be depressing. For years I thought about giving up my American citizenship and becoming a Brit to get my blood and my nationality lined up without the interference of a hyphen, but then something made me change my mind with a vengeance: Princess Diana’s funeral. I spent three stunned days staring at the TV screen and thinking My God, they’ve turned into us! It wasn’t England any more, just a sceptre’d loony bin set in a sea of rotting flora, a UK of Utter Kitsch where the crud de la crud built teddy-bear temples to a gilded hysteric who resembled nothing so much as Judy Garland with a title.


ZAROVE said...

I’ve noticed this too. The UK is basically abandoning what it means to be British and embracing all the worst Traits of the more Secular American States, complete with the aforementioned Teddybear Temples.

But its more than just Di, its also in how the Monarch has no power, and is ignored, and how they speak of Equality, ending the Class system, creating a Separation of Church and State, and a need for a separate Judiciate. It seems the Unique British Culture is eroded, and replaced with a sort of Americanism. But the same is happening globally.

Graham Sproule said...

I call it the 'Oprahization' of society where emotionalism trumps any sense of duty to country. Diana personified that mentality herself in many ways so I guess it's not surprising to see the over-the-top hysteria around her passing.

MikeDU said...

Yea, I'm an American who's traveled & I think it's better for Nation's to retain their cultural identity AND for American's to regain theirs. The Globalism may have an American tinge to it, but really it's a Progressive experiment where we are all the guinea pigs! HttP://